Preservation and archival framing and mounting methods are important to consider for all your artwork. 

Detailed information regarding image preservation can be found via The Image Permanence Institute®, at Rochester Institute of Technology. Link to the website is here.



Acrylic products including perspex glaze, face-mounted prints and boxes need important care when cleaning surfaces. For the everyday cleaning of dust from surfaces a soft microfibre cloth used with distilled water. Clean/ gently buff with lint free cloth (e.g. 100% cotton) to remove fingermarks or dust. There are also specific products that available and suitable for cleaning and reducing static on acrylic surfaces. When cleaning it's important to do so gently as rigorous cleaning can create surface scratches and permanent damage, excessive rubbing should be avoided.  

Keep acrylic away from sunlight. all of our acrylic surfaces have a UV filter, however direct sunlight should be avoided. 


DO NOT use window-cleaning sprays, alcohol, ketones, kitchen scouring compounds or solvents (such as acetone, benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride or thinners.) Do not use ammonia based cleaning solutions on acrylic surfaces as it will cause irreparable damage. Do not wrap acrylic directly in bubble wrap, over time bubble wrap will mark surfaces. Always use acid free tissue paper before wrapping in bubblewrap. 

To avoid leaving fingermarks handle with soft cotton gloves or disposable nitrite gloves are preferable to use with slippery surfaces such as glass, ceramics and metal as they provide more grip and fit snuggly and for archival handling.



The method for cleaning your frame will depend on its material and finish. Wooden frames should be cleaned using a dry and clean soft material cloth.