Archival mounting practices are key in the protection and presentation of your fine artworks. Face-mounting options provide protection from dirt, dust and UV rays. Back-mounting options provide stability and allow your artwork to be properly displayed.
We use the highest standard of conservation at our studio in Sydney. Our expert craftsmen tailor a unique and specific approach to suit your mounting needs from Diasec-style mounting to frame-less presentations and museum boxes.

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There are varied options for photographic mounting. We recommend Dibond aluminium composite as a more archival method of mounting photographic prints. Alternative to this is Gatorboard substrate and Foamcore substrate.

Mounting to archival mat board is also an option.



For Duraclear prints, photographs, and posters with a gloss finish, face mounting is a premium archival mounting solution. The Face-mounting process involves the work being sandwiched between clear acrylic and a Dibond backing using an optically clear adhesive film for results with great depth, colour saturation and brightness.



Block mountING

Block mounting is a cost effective solution suitable for posters and photographic prints ready for display. The process allows for a clean and minimal presentation of your images. Prints may be mounted onto a substrates including Dibond, Alupanel, Foamboard and Gatorboard. Block mounts may also be framed to further preserve and protect your images.